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Zombie Cover Art – Book Covers

Zombie Cover Art

Zombie Cover Art The Zombie Cover Art here in this image is way past due.  With all the zombie tv shows, movies, games and books out there, it has become a world wide phenomenon. The Walking Dead, the first Zombie TV show, that shows on the guts and glory that a zombie movie is made
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Children’s Fairy Tale Digital Art

 Fairy Tale Digital Art Twisted Fairy Tales   Recently I was asked to do some Fairy Tale digital art that was a little darker than normal. I thought this was an incredible idea but it would require realistic outfits to pull it off so we came up with  “Twisted Fairy Tales”. We spent half a day working on this
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Cover Art

Chattanooga, Tn. Book Cover Art My  very first Cover Art for an E novel by Australian author AM Cullens “Searching for the Silent Lady”. In creating this cover, I asked the author to send me the story and while we were discussing the differences between Australia and the US, I was designing in the background. In an hour and
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