Weddings by Keith Heptinstall

Chattanooga Wedding Photography

Our next wedding is at The Grandview on Lookout Mtn on the Ga Side. Grandview has the ability to do weddings inside and outside. This one in particular was on the inside and was no less awesome than the outside weddings. The Grandview sets on the east side of Lookout Mtn just down from Ruby Falls. Once you pull in the parking lot its like pulling in to a different country. The Grandview  looks almost like a castle and its not just the venue itself but its surrounded by villas that have a look of feel of much the same.

This wedding takes place inside, away from all of the wonderful heat and humidity that the south has to offer. This wedding was no less immaculate than the outside weddings and everyone stayed cool. Once we finish up with with wedding we take care of all the usual stuff; first dance, cake cutting, bouquet tossing and the rest of the ceremonial rituals that go along with traditions, we take the bride and groom out to the scenic grounds of this amazing place. Then, back in for the reception and bubbles!

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