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Movie Posters Atlanta Ga Digital Art

Movie Posters Movie posters, like book covers help sell the movie. This movie poster was done for an independent Film director/producer in Studio City California for is first full length indie film.  I took several street stock photos and, made the buildings look halfway demolished  then set the city on fire.  This of course in
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Book Cover Designs

Book Cover Designs

Book Cover Designs My Book Cover Designs are custom designed to fit the needs of the story and convey in a single image what the story is about.  I take a model into the studio and we shoot according to the needs of the author. Some author’s want to add a face to the character
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Apocalypse Sniper


The Apocalypse Sniper Our Sniper is of the post Apocalyptic Age when the once plush cities and now ruins and shells of a former earth. The building carcasses provide the cover and camouflage our sharp shooter who hides in the shadows. She can take out her mark without be detected using any ranged weapon of
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Mad Max Fury Road Cosplay

Mad Max

Mad Max Fury Road Mad Max is the iconic post apocalyptic  wasteland hero of our time. You cant NOT know who Mad max is and is this photo shoot i was stupid crazy excited to see what we were going to do! Our model here supplied the awesomeness that is the Mad Max themed outfit
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Premade Cover Art for Authors

Premade and Custom Cover Art is now available and adding more on a regular basis for authors in need of cover

Poster Art | Chattanooga TN

Poster Art

Poster Art Poster art.  This can be used for  all art, posters,  book covers, dvd cases etc. Mainly to throw out an overall idea of a story or back story, while also making a stand alone piece of art. We rocked another session in the studio with Model Shelby: a Guns and Gore session. The gore
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Digital Art Book Cover Stock

Book Cover

Book Cover Digital Art and Photography The purpose of Book Cover Digital Art:  There’s something to be said, when you can identify with a character in a story.  Putting a face to the hero, the romance, the horror,  and doesn’t it make the story more imaginable? How often do we read a story and not get a clear vision of the person it in. 
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Chattanooga Digital Art and Photography


Keith Heptinstall: Digital Art and Photography My Digital Art page is finally up and running with this new site and hoping to bring a new twist to the Chattanoonga TN. area photography. Im exploring the imagination. Bringing to life what we think up together to create something out of this world.  I looking to go to
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Digital Art and Photography

Keith Heptinstall: Digital Art and Photography site coming soon.   Welcome to our Digital Art and Photography page. We are in the process of building this site catering to book covers, DVD covers, Posters, wall art and all other forms of digital art for professional or personal use! Looking to break into the  publishing world of books, dvd
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