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This Wedding takes place at the Second Presbyterian Church and reception at The Mill, both in Chattanooga Tn. This was an Amazing wedding that turned into an incredible reception blow out that was full of fun partying and Elvis! We start off at Second Presbyterian for the nuptials with a full house. and this place was packed. Church weddings like this one are unique in a couple of different respects. Its a totally different look than outside weddings. It has limitations such as mobility for photographers, lighting and a completely different feel and atmosphere than outside weddings. Nothing too fancy about the wedding itself, though beautiful, we had our limitations. This is a good segue for talking about limitations.

A lot of churches have them. If you want photographers to have free reign at your wedding to get all the angles, make sure you check with the wedding venues (typically churches) about those limitations. Some churches don’t allow photographer to past the last row of guests. In those cases make sure your guests sit as close as possible to the front. Others make photographers stay at the back of the church. Just something to think about when booking an inside wedding venue.

Ill probably do a blog on this subject soon so you can weigh out the pros and cons of inside vs. outside weddings

On to the reception! The Mill in Chattanooga is bar none, one of the best reception places in Chattanooga. Weddings can be done there too but this particular one was only the reception. With the proper lighting from other vendors this place can look incredible. Photographers who know good lighting can actually use this lighting to their advantage making almost a Hollywood cinematic feel to them. For information contact me here on my website or my Facebook Page.

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Wedding Photography

Chattanooga Wedding Photography

One of the big questions is why does professional wedding photography cost a little more ? Well, that’s one question with a lot of answers so let me see if I can tackle this by the topic.  Lets start with a common decision:


Friend /entry level photographer vs. Professional Photographer

Why choose a wedding photographer over a friend? I’ll answer that with some questions. Are your wedding pictures important to you? Do you value your own wedding day? Do you care if someone is practicing on your wedding day with no guarantee how they will turn out? If your answer to any of these is “no”. Then by all means, get your friends to do the money for something you value.

For those who think that photography isn’t that big of a deal, but regret the pictures you received on your wedding day and wish you had something better, this is for you. Or if you’re on the fence about whether or not to hire a good photographer or get your friends to do it, this is for you.

We as wedding photographers don’t just show up and take pictures though that’s the attitude that most people have established in their minds. We take great care in what we shoot, how we shoot it, and the composition of what we shoot. Every aspect in that picture is on purpose for professional photographers. Professional photographers tirelessly learn, practice, and research how we can make your images better, so when we show up to shoot your wedding, we do the best possible job we can do.

I’ve seen first hand, and spoken to brides that have let “friends” do the photography followed by great regret. (this is one reason for a Day After Session) Most people will not say anything to their friends no matter how unhappy they are with the images. Their friendship is more important. I cant speak for anyone but me, but I would want my friends with me enjoying my wedding, not working. (there’s an “out” if you have someone pressing you).

The simple fact is that most people simply cant do what we do. Of course there are exceptions. There are some great hobbiests out there. But we are there to do a job so you have the memories and one less worry about your wedding. Its not about the person only. Its about equipment: the right tools of the trade like cameras, lenses, lights, knowledge, experience, creativity, etc.

Does a friend or entry level photographer have the right equipment to do the job? Can they capture not just images, but moments? Do they know lighting?  Can they get the angles? Hows their composition? Can they frame the picture well? It’s something to think about. Here’s just a few examples

Wedding Photography Wedding Photography Wedding Photography

Part 2 of understanding Wedding Photography coming soon






Chattanooga Wedding Photography

Our next wedding is at The Grandview on Lookout Mtn on the Ga Side. Grandview has the ability to do weddings inside and outside. This one in particular was on the inside and was no less awesome than the outside weddings. The Grandview sets on the east side of Lookout Mtn just down from Ruby Falls. Once you pull in the parking lot its like pulling in to a different country. The Grandview  looks almost like a castle and its not just the venue itself but its surrounded by villas that have a look of feel of much the same.

This wedding takes place inside, away from all of the wonderful heat and humidity that the south has to offer. This wedding was no less immaculate than the outside weddings and everyone stayed cool. Once we finish up with with wedding we take care of all the usual stuff; first dance, cake cutting, bouquet tossing and the rest of the ceremonial rituals that go along with traditions, we take the bride and groom out to the scenic grounds of this amazing place. Then, back in for the reception and bubbles!

For more details on packages and pricing go to the contact page of our website  or you can contact me through my Facebook page






Car Barn Weddings

Chattanooga Weddings and Senior Photography

  Weddings at the Car Barn are an incredible opportunity to work in a place like no other in Chattanooga. Its full of nostalgic icons such as statues of the blues brothers, the Harley Davidson Cafe, a mural of the walkers point of view of the Walking Bridge in Chattanooga, a theater Marquis that the bride and grooms name on it and much more.

And while I’m bearing the the cool stuff i need to point out one particular thing. The lighting. The lighting in the Car barn is difficult…not that its a bad thing. The reception room sets the tone and mood for the nostalgia creating a crazy cool atmosphere but the lighting is somewhat of a challenge. Its dark but that’s the charm.

The Weddings take place in a fenced in are in the back for a private ceremony. Limited in space for more intimate ceremonies, this venue is sure to please, but the real excitement happens  when you step into the reception area.

Our couple here is just a fun couple; probably one of the crazier, more fun weddings we’ve had.  There was not a boring moment from candy striped socks getting ready , til the end when we left it was nothing but fun! Check this out. For more info contact us on our Website or on our Facebook page.




Merino Ranch Wedding in Calhoun Ga

Our Wedding at Merino Ranch in Calhoun Ga was an amazing wedding to say the least.  This stunning Ranch In Calhoun Ga is like a paradise lost. The owners of Merino Ranch own a landscaping company and they pulled out all the stops for their ranch turned wedding venue. With palm trees and waterfalls, it seriously looks like we’re in a tropical location. This place is amazing! Its like they had photographers in mind when they designed this. So…what is a like at this beautiful venue? Lets get started:

This one of those weddings that seemed, at first,  like business as usual; Beautiful surroundings, music playing, guests seated and patiently waiting for the ceremony to begin. And so it does..the groom, then the brides maids the ring bearer driving his lil’ John Dear down to meet the groom…typical right! Let me stop right here for a moment and let me say…i know hell exists..we could feel it from there. Man, it was hot! Blazing sun…bout 95 degrees, no wind, max humidity.  PAUSE….

Now as photographers we like clouds. It evens out the light for us and gives the best photos possible. Nothing worse than sunspots on a bride and groom in wedding pics…an editing nightmare but this day…just blazing sun. not a cloud in sight. So as we’re praying for just some cloud cover to at least give us some shade and good even light even light something amazing happens.

RESUME PLAY. The bride is in sight. The guests turned. Every eye on the beautiful bride. And then…Thunder. Not a cloud in the sky just 10 minutes before the wedding and this storm just appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Gail force winds, strong rain…you folks in the south know what I’m talking about. The result? some of the best moments caught at a wedding for us. Check this out! Oh and BTW…did i mention…we shot the first wedding there?…and by the first, we mean very first.  This is the owners son and daughter to be.  Enjoy! 🙂 Our Contact info. and website 





Proctor Farm Wedding

Chattanooga Weddings

Our wedding takes place at Proctor farm; a beautiful venue in Rome Ga. This gorgeous outside celebration takes place in a beautifully built…well, the only way i can describe it is a church with no walls…genius idea.  The owners have actually changed the whole area since we shot this wedding…and it looks even better. Blog on the venue is coming!

But enough of that. Let’s talk about this wedding! Our bride and groom and not just a gorgeous couple but they super excited, and nervous and anxious, just as you’d expect them them to be. In all that nervous. anxious energy, they manage to bring out the humor and fun. This is what makes this wedding so fun.

In a country style setting with outfits to match this event was managed down to every detail even with saloon style bridal party shots at the end.

So lets get down to the uniqueness of this event for us, the photographers. And i must say i have to brag a sec. This entire wedding from start to finish was shot in 4 HOURS. With the family on a budget that only allowed for 4 hours, we pulled it off perfectly. It took meticulous planning and adhering to a strict schedule but we did it. Working closely with the mother and Kathy Proctor (owner of the venue) the event coordinator, we planned this down to the minute. and just look at the results. It looked like we were there for a whole day.  Check it out. For more information on weddings like this, hit us up on our website and let’s see what we can do.


Wedding in Calhoun Ga

Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

  Our Wedding takes place in Calhoun Ga in a plantation type setting. Let me just say right off the bat…WOW. This place was immaculate. The Bride and Groom were, to date, one of the funnest Wedding couples we’ve ever had. It was an unbelievable wedding for us and a celebration that will be remembered for years to come! Not only did we capture every moment, but the craziness of the day made for some incredible pictures. I’m still blown away by the excitement and color and perfection of this wedding.

  An amazing place with incredible potential to make this place a fairy tale wedding. I’m going to do my best to try and get as many pictures in here as possible and take you to their wedding.  If this doesn’t make you smile Somethings wrong with you! With all the fun and excitement of this wedding, you cant help but at least smile..not smiling is NOT an option.

This wedding takes place in a mansion in Calhoun Ga with Coordinating by Wed 101 .

We start off with the arrival of the bride and groom and just gets more fun from there. The Groom and groomsman are secretly wearing their favorite super hero T’s and are certainly not afraid to show them off. The absolutely stunning bride is getting ready for her day. From putting on the dress, to her father seeing her for the first time, its nothing but an emotional roller coaster as time grows closer. The Wedding Ceremony begins and is no less emotional for the groom and he sees her for the first time.

In a perfectly lit afternoon, the ceremony ends as exciting as it began with the bride and groom expressing their excitement as they head to the reception that its decorated so beautifully it would rival any Gala. Perfection! Lights that change the tent into a rainbow of colors, the groom sings to his new wife and the party begins.

This is one of those weddings that makes it all worth it as the guests cut loose in celebration, dancing and just craziness.

Since i get to flood this blog with photos I’m going to end it right here and let you see for yourself. If this peaks your interest in having me be a part of your special day, head to my website and hit me up on the contact page.

Strap yourselves in…here we go!