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Cover Art and How I Work

Cover Art and How I Work

My Cover Art and Me

First..Thank you for taking the time to look at my work and possibly considering me for your cover art. This should answer any questions concerning how i work and what is involved, but if not feel free to contact me by Facebook, phone or through the contact page on this website.

  About me:

I am a professional photographer that started in weddings 10 years ago with my wife. After 10 years of constant work, no life and a big void of dissatisfaction in my career knowing that weddings are not what i wanted to do, I , in my spare time, i started working with models and playing with digital art.

I was Most Outstanding Artist in high school. With skills in Illustration, design, sculpting and painting, i never really sought the art career until recently. Only because i wasn’t sure what i really wanted to do. My wife taught me how to use a camera and a whole new medium opened up for me 10 years ago. Still not satisfied, though weddings were a nice income, it wasn’t fulfilling my creative needs. Then i saw the potential with Photoshop..a whole new world opened up to me. It was then, that i understood the only limitations i had were my lack of abilities and to this day, I’m still, and will probably forever be, learning.

I have a huge love for science fiction, fantasy, horror, action etc. Im a huge movie buff and growing up i dabbled in special effects for movies and now have incorporated those skills into my digital art when needed. I’m constantly challenging myself and learning new creative techniques for not just digital art, but things outside the photography realm such as sewing and fabricating things for costumes so i can use this in my art.

How I work:

First and foremost there is no obligation to purchase what I create for you.  As I’m starting in this industry i realize you’re taking a chance on taking on a new artist, so I remove the worry, upfront. If I can’t produce the cover you want to your satisfaction,  you are not obligated to purchase it…it’s that simple. Ill simply add it to my collection of Pre-made Cover Art

My Process:

You send me a copy of the synopsis of your book and any important details, character descriptions, outfits characters have, types of weapons, etc. All the details I’ll need to get a good vision of the character and environment. Then i go to work creating for you. I ask that you not dictate exactly how you want the cover to look, but give me the freedom try and piece together my vision. If i have any question about the information you send me I’ll need a quick way to be able to communicate with or Facebook or both depending on the amount or work going into the design.

If you want a model for the cover I immediately go to working searching for the perfect one(s) based on your description.  Once we have our model(s),  we go to work on outfits, and piecing the vision together and i start working on the backgrounds for the image. Once i feel we have a good cohesive background, we then go into the studio and shoot typically 2-3 hours getting crazy amounts of poses and multiple outfits. Once that is complete,  i go through the images pull the absolute best ones suited for our background  and then i finished the image and submit it to you for review.

Pricing:  TN Tax 9.25% not included in pricing

The cost of designing Custom Cover Art is 300.00. If i use a model or models to help create that scene each model gets paid an additional 50.00 per cover. In the event that we shoot for multiple covers in one day, the model still gets 50.00 per cover. I work with some of the best models in the business and i hand pick every one for the cover based on the description,  show you the set of models I’ve chosen and let you choose the model, from there we go to the studio and shoot. I believe everyone should be paid for the skills. In modeling, having worked with models for years, is no different. The time they put into their craft  and do what they do  has value and you’ll see that in what we do.

Any Premade Cover Art Designs with Models that I’ve shot in the past is 250.00. Fifty Dollars of that will go to the model.

Custom designed Covers using Stock photos is 150.00. I don’t shoot anything here but searching for hours trying to find the right stock images for a custom look, sometimes takes as long as shooting for a custom cover.

Any Premade Cover Art Design using only Stock Photos is 100.00. Since its already premade and you just want to accept what ive done, there’s not more work involved other than the time already invested in the creation of the image.


Any information about your book, story, etc. will not be shared with anyone under any circumstances. I’m working for you. If you are unsatisfied with your cover, and choose not to use my work, your information, story and anything else we share, remains confidential.


I have some wardrobe choices on hand in studio:  some costumes, lots of weapons, a few other props. I’m constantly adding for the studio but if you have something very specific that needs to be bought,  you will have to cover the cost of that item(s). If i keep it for the studio, Ill pay for it, but if it is something specific  to your book and can’t be used regularly like victorian dresses,  then you will have to send me the dress you want to use.

The Image Rights:

We share the copyrights to the image. Your image will never be used by anyone else. I will use the image for my portfolio, advertising and promoting my work.

A copyright release will be issued to you stating unrestricted usage rights . You may use the image how you see fit to promote your book . I.E. Posters, book marks etc. the only thing you cannot do is alter the original image design. You may crop the image for products, add text  for the cover if i haven’t done that for you..but as far as the overall look of the finished image, it cannot be altered  from its original design.

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