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Weddings / Receptions at the Car Barn | Chattanooga TN


Car Barn Weddings

Chattanooga Weddings and Senior Photography

  Weddings at the Car Barn are an incredible opportunity to work in a place like no other in Chattanooga. Its full of nostalgic icons such as statues of the blues brothers, the Harley Davidson Cafe, a mural of the walkers point of view of the Walking Bridge in Chattanooga, a theater Marquis that the bride and grooms name on it and much more.

And while I’m bearing the the cool stuff i need to point out one particular thing. The lighting. The lighting in the Car barn is difficult…not that its a bad thing. The reception room sets the tone and mood for the nostalgia creating a crazy cool atmosphere but the lighting is somewhat of a challenge. Its dark but that’s the charm.

The Weddings take place in a fenced in are in the back for a private ceremony. Limited in space for more intimate ceremonies, this venue is sure to please, but the real excitement happens  when you step into the reception area.

Our couple here is just a fun couple; probably one of the crazier, more fun weddings we’ve had.  There was not a boring moment from candy striped socks getting ready , til the end when we left it was nothing but fun! Check this out. For more info contact us on our Website or on our Facebook page.