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Wedding / Reception | Merino Ranch Wedding | Calhoun GA


Merino Ranch Wedding in Calhoun Ga

Our Wedding at Merino Ranch in Calhoun Ga was an amazing wedding to say the least.  This stunning Ranch In Calhoun Ga is like a paradise lost. The owners of Merino Ranch own a landscaping company and they pulled out all the stops for their ranch turned wedding venue. With palm trees and waterfalls, it seriously looks like we’re in a tropical location. This place is amazing! Its like they had photographers in mind when they designed this. So…what is a like at this beautiful venue? Lets get started:

This one of those weddings that seemed, at first,  like business as usual; Beautiful surroundings, music playing, guests seated and patiently waiting for the ceremony to begin. And so it does..the groom, then the brides maids the ring bearer driving his lil’ John Dear down to meet the groom…typical right! Let me stop right here for a moment and let me say…i know hell exists..we could feel it from there. Man, it was hot! Blazing sun…bout 95 degrees, no wind, max humidity.  PAUSE….

Now as photographers we like clouds. It evens out the light for us and gives the best photos possible. Nothing worse than sunspots on a bride and groom in wedding pics…an editing nightmare but this day…just blazing sun. not a cloud in sight. So as we’re praying for just some cloud cover to at least give us some shade and good even light even light something amazing happens.

RESUME PLAY. The bride is in sight. The guests turned. Every eye on the beautiful bride. And then…Thunder. Not a cloud in the sky just 10 minutes before the wedding and this storm just appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Gail force winds, strong rain…you folks in the south know what I’m talking about. The result? some of the best moments caught at a wedding for us. Check this out! Oh and BTW…did i mention…we shot the first wedding there?…and by the first, we mean very first.  This is the owners son and daughter to be.  Enjoy! 🙂 Our Contact info. and website