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Wedding at Proctor Farm in Rome GA


Proctor Farm Wedding

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Our wedding takes place at Proctor farm; a beautiful venue in Rome Ga. This gorgeous outside celebration takes place in a beautifully built…well, the only way i can describe it is a church with no walls…genius idea. ┬áThe owners have actually changed the whole area since we shot this wedding…and it looks even better. Blog on the venue is coming!

But enough of that. Let’s talk about this wedding! Our bride and groom and not just a gorgeous couple but they super excited, and nervous and anxious, just as you’d expect them them to be. In all that nervous. anxious energy, they manage to bring out the humor and fun. This is what makes this wedding so fun.

In a country style setting with outfits to match this event was managed down to every detail even with saloon style bridal party shots at the end.

So lets get down to the uniqueness of this event for us, the photographers. And i must say i have to brag a sec. This entire wedding from start to finish was shot in 4 HOURS. With the family on a budget that only allowed for 4 hours, we pulled it off perfectly. It took meticulous planning and adhering to a strict schedule but we did it. Working closely with the mother and Kathy Proctor (owner of the venue) the event coordinator, we planned this down to the minute. and just look at the results. It looked like we were there for a whole day. ┬áCheck it out. For more information on weddings like this, hit us up on our website and let’s see what we can do.