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Stunning Wedding in Calhoun Ga


Wedding in Calhoun Ga

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  Our Wedding takes place in Calhoun Ga in a plantation type setting. Let me just say right off the bat…WOW. This place was immaculate. The Bride and Groom were, to date, one of the funnest Wedding couples we’ve ever had. It was an unbelievable wedding for us and a celebration that will be remembered for years to come! Not only did we capture every moment, but the craziness of the day made for some incredible pictures. I’m still blown away by the excitement and color and perfection of this wedding.

  An amazing place with incredible potential to make this place a fairy tale wedding. I’m going to do my best to try and get as many pictures in here as possible and take you to their wedding.  If this doesn’t make you smile Somethings wrong with you! With all the fun and excitement of this wedding, you cant help but at least smile..not smiling is NOT an option.

This wedding takes place in a mansion in Calhoun Ga with Coordinating by Wed 101 .

We start off with the arrival of the bride and groom and just gets more fun from there. The Groom and groomsman are secretly wearing their favorite super hero T’s and are certainly not afraid to show them off. The absolutely stunning bride is getting ready for her day. From putting on the dress, to her father seeing her for the first time, its nothing but an emotional roller coaster as time grows closer. The Wedding Ceremony begins and is no less emotional for the groom and he sees her for the first time.

In a perfectly lit afternoon, the ceremony ends as exciting as it began with the bride and groom expressing their excitement as they head to the reception that its decorated so beautifully it would rival any Gala. Perfection! Lights that change the tent into a rainbow of colors, the groom sings to his new wife and the party begins.

This is one of those weddings that makes it all worth it as the guests cut loose in celebration, dancing and just craziness.

Since i get to flood this blog with photos I’m going to end it right here and let you see for yourself. If this peaks your interest in having me be a part of your special day, head to my website and hit me up on the contact page.

Strap yourselves in…here we go!