Movie Poster Art

Movie Poster Art

Movie poster art is another area that I’m diving into and loving it. This movie poster art has a little bit of an unusual story to it. I was contacted 2 weeks prior to the Film company needing the poster.  With no Access to anything but a trailer, i managed to pull it off in 4 days.

For starters i had no access to the main character due to scheduling issues. So what i did was found a model matching the description of the star and basically did a body double; same hair same, look, even close to the same wardrobe as to give the appearance of the star being on the  cover.  What i came up with was a poster that nailed the overall look and tone of the film.

Shot in studio and then taking key elements of the film and adding the look and feel of the tension and darkness with the story line of  illegal organ trafficking.

This is The Shimoda Film Company‘s  2nd movie and we cant wait to see what they do next.


For more information on Movie Poster Art design you can contact me through my contact page here, or shoot me a message on my Digital Art and Photography page on Facebook.


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