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Movie Posters Atlanta Ga Digital Art

Movie Posters

Movie posters, like book covers help sell the movie. This movie poster was done for an independent Film director/producer in Studio City California for is first full length indie film.  I took several street stock photos and, made the buildings look halfway demolished  then set the city on fire.  This of course in the midst of a zombie apocalypse..only the zombies are aren’t feared…they’re annoyances. The slow moving, brain munchers have become a staple of life and now and much like taking out the trash, we need people the come collect these irritating mindless undead walking, rotting corpses. That’s where ZEDS come in.

When asked what he needed..”its a zombie move..i need lots of blades” and city destruction.

So i dolled our model up with a resident evil-esque badassery look to take the walking dead down…and as you can see..lots of many as she could have on here and still move easily.

Movie Posters

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