Mad Max Cosplay

Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max is the iconic post apocalyptic  wasteland hero of our time. You cant NOT know who Mad max is and is this photo shoot i was stupid crazy excited to see what we were going to do! Our model here supplied the awesomeness that is the Mad Max themed outfit and made it so incredibly close to the real thing, it looked like it belonged in the movie.

In this particular pic i used movie stills from the internet to complete this. I do not take credit for those images at all..hats off to the artists who made those images possible for the movie.

Also something to note here is our model: Tatem Spearman  She is a lighting technician for shows we see on TV like the The Walking Dead, She had played in the show the Originals in season 2 and also worked on set with lighting…not only  is she talented but she is skilled!

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