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Premade Cover Art for Authors

Premade Cover Art for Authors

Pre-made Cover Art

I now have some pre-made Covert Art for author’s needing a cover now. I’m also, not only working on cover art for author’s, but in my spare time i’m creating covers that may be useful to authors not wanting a a custom cover. This cover art is made with Stock photos. The covers I do that I shoot for in studio run a little more  and the Stock photography because that goes into the shoot from both the model and myself.

Here’s one i shot over a year ago that i hadn’t done anything with until now; The Soldier’s Wife Cover Art. Others include a diversity of genres from horror, paranormal, action and even dark fairy tales. With more coming soon  I can wait to see what I can do for my authors.  Here are just a few of the ones mentioned.

The Soldier's Wife


Rogue Cover

Twisted Fairytales

For more info on how to obtain these covers contact me on my Facebook Page