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Chattanooga, Tn. Book Cover Art

My  very first Cover Art for an E novel by Australian author AM Cullens “Searching for the Silent Lady”.

In creating this cover, I asked the author to send me the story and while we were discussing the differences between Australia and the US, I was designing in the background. In an hour and a half (yeah there’s that many differences between here and there…also 14 hours difference). Anyway,  I threw together a mix of images that just jumped out at me and I sent her a mock example.  She fell in love with the first draft and said that I nailed the imagery of what she had imagined. Here it is:

Cover Art


In this Fantasy Horror,  the story starts of as a small girl playing pirate looking for her ship, The Silent Lady. Play time turn to reality for this young lady in this riveting story of her quest to find what she has lost.

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