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Book Cover Digital Art and Photography

The purpose of Book Cover Digital Art:  There’s something to be said, when you can identify with a character in a story.  Putting a face to the hero, the romance, the horror,  and doesn’t it make the story more imaginable? How often do we read a story and not get a clear vision of the person it in.  While the imagination plays the role, with the author leading us into the depths of his/her mind, we all picture things differently. Sometimes a clearly defined face can help us jump right in.

That’s the aim here is to put a face on the character….to identify…to relate. Professionally modeled and shot in a studio, I take the guess work out of a character and bring them to life so readers can immediately identify with the character and engage into the story.



For more info visit my FB page. To view this bigger please go to my portfolio page and click the picture.

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