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Poster Art | Chattanooga TN

Poster Art

Poster Art Poster art.  This can be used for  all art, posters,  book covers, dvd cases etc. Mainly to throw out an overall idea of a story or back story, while also making a stand alone piece of art. We rocked another session in the studio with Model Shelby: a Guns and Gore session. The gore
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Digital Art Book Cover Stock

Book Cover

Book Cover Digital Art and Photography The purpose of Book Cover Digital Art:  There’s something to be said, when you can identify with a character in a story.  Putting a face to the hero, the romance, the horror,  and doesn’t it make the story more imaginable? How often do we read a story and not get a clear vision of the person it in. 
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Van Helsing Cosplay Chattanooga TN


Van Helsing Cosplay Modeling and Photography Cosplay is defined as a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear and fashion accessories to represent a specific character or idea (Wikipedia) I love shooting cosplay. This image was just fun to put together. Taking a Hugh Jackman still from the movie off the internet and combining with one of the models
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Chattanooga Digital Art and Photography


Keith Heptinstall: Digital Art and Photography My Digital Art page is finally up and running with this new site and hoping to bring a new twist to the Chattanoonga TN. area photography. Im exploring the imagination. Bringing to life what we think up together to create something out of this world.  I looking to go to
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